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Slice your AVI and WMV video files and take screenshots of your favorite frames
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If looking for an easy and straightforward way of removing unwanted fragments from your video files (such as commercials) or to produce your own video using selected scenes from other files, Machete Lite is a free and easy-to-use option to consider. A younger brother of the full-featured Machete video editor, it also allows you to cut out video fragments though with a number of limitations in terms of formats and functionality.

Machete Lite is based on the same reliable technology that made Machete stand out from a number of other video cutters and editors, but this free option barely supports AVI and WMV files and comes with very limited audio editing capabilities. Thus, you can just remove whatever audio streams are present in the selected AVI or WMV file, while Machete lets you replace it with a new one or extract any audio stream and save it as a standalone audio file.

This free app is great for quick video slicing tasks. The program’s interface can change its size to fit that of the original file, and even play back your videos in full-screen mode. Though extracting multiple fragments in one single operation is not part of its functionality, you can take out as many scenes as you wish quickly and accurately. Screenshots are also covered, allowing you to save as individual images your favorite video frames. As a bonus, this app comes with a basic tag editor to help you add metadata to your video files to help you in the management of your video collection.

There is not much more to it than this – if you like the way it works and wish to add a more extensive functionality to it, you will need to upgrade to Machete for a fee. Machete Lite won’t do your system resources and your wallet any harm, and it’s always convenient to have a fast and free video slicer at hand installed on your system.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Uses key frames for accurate selection
  • Removes all audio streams from your videos
  • Takes screenshots of your preferred frames
  • Includes a tag editor


  • Support for AVI and WMV files only
  • Cannot cut various fragments in one go
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